artistic director

Christy McQuaid

          Christy received her early dance training from June Purrington Park and Ginger Gunn in Salt Lake City, Utah. She then began  intensive training in the ballet preparatory and collegiate programs at the University of Utah where she received her bachelor and master degree from the ballet department. At this time she had the opportunity to dance with the Utah Opera Company and Utah Ballet. While attending the University as a graduate student Christy was awarded a teaching assistantship and taught ballet at the University of Utah for several years. She is a certified dance teacher by Dance Educators of America. Christy currently sits on the artistic staff of Mountain West Ballet Company, where she has choreographed for the Nutcracker, Mid Summers Night Dream and, Twelve Dancing Princesses. Ms. McQuaid has attended the following teacher training programs, Pacific North West Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet Teacher Training Workshop in Vail Colorado, New York University Bourneville Teacher Training, and Dance Masters of America’s teacher certification program. Christy trained with many teachers including William F.Christensen, Gordon Paxman, Yurek Lazowski, Mattlyn Gavers, Bene’ Arnold, Attila Ficzere, Li Chow, Terri Port, Barbara Hamblin. Conrad Ludlow, Roland Butler. Christy’s students are working in the dance profession both performing and teaching, many have earned collage degrees in dance and related fields.